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Dolly In Bluegrass country music showcase to country music audiences and radio stations promoting new and old country worldwide. Top country music acts worldwide join us to promote their latest tracks and share their music with a worldwide audience looking for top country songs of the week.

Come on down and say hi to us. We’ll introduce you to the radio stations that will play your songs. You’re welcome to join us wherever you are in the world. If you run a venue or organise a Country Music Festival drop by and say hello. Listen in on Sunday mornings to Hawkesbury Radio 89.9FM for the top country songs this month.

Dolly In Bluegrass Country Music

A big welcome awaits you at A Country Corner in Australia where you’ll hear a huge selection of well known and not so well known artistes on show. Tune in between 6pm and 9pm local time (9am to 12 midday UK time).

Catch all the music on Tune In Radio, Windows Media Player or iTunes – or just click the link on the Hawkesbury home page. Dolly In Bluegrass Country  is also highlighting various country music singers across the website and would love to consider your act for a feature. If you are a country music artiste please e-mail or post your country songs over to us via the Artistes Registration Form.

Hillcrest and Hotdisc Radio Promotions

Hillcrest Music Canada keeps Dolly up to date with monthly selections of the latest country music songs for radio promotion. Hotdisc promotions just roll in week after week too.Let us know if you have a country music song ready for release to radio.

Ask for promotion details direct from Hotdisc and promote your self-penned and independently produced songs to radio stations and country music DJs around the world this year. Ask Dolly for details of this week’s top 40 country songs. Thankyou for visiting our website. Please call, text or e-mail your booking enquiry any time.

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